CC Vignettes #1: The Bottom of the Drain

Interrogator Nefris (IN): “What did it say to you, [REDACTED]?”
The subject does not reply.
IN: “[REDACTED], can you hear me?”
Subject (S): “It’s hungry.”
IN: “Specify, please.”
S: “He hungers. He calls to me in my sleep.”
IN: “He? The entity?”
The subject does not reply.
IN: “What is the nature of the entity, [REDACTED]?”
The subject is silent for 176 seconds.
S: “He is the darkness at the bottom of the drain. He hides in all places, yet stares out from them, waiting. He is here. He is everywhere. If you listen closely, you can hear him hollowing out the worlds.”
IN: “Can we get a tranquilizer here?”
S: “He has no stomach. It all just falls through. Falls into the nothing. He’s here. Here. Here. Here. Here.”
IN: “Security?”
The subject’s jaws appear to invert and dislocate.
End of audiovisual recording.

This is the only semblance of a clue I received regarding the origins of this image’s subject. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s some kind of parasitic, hive-minded entity that’s prone to scouring the folds between dimensions. As far as I know, the identity of the subject (and the entity he encountered) is currently classified. Makes you wonder if they’ve mopped up the issue yet, or if it’s still lurking down in the drains.

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