How to Stop Procrastinating (Now)

Procrastination is one of those seemingly inescapable pitfalls in the human condition. We all do it, in both trivial and grand ways, even though it doesn’t serve any outward purpose. It’s not quite the same as hesitation, which is fear-based, nor is it exactly rooted in laziness. We simply believe that we’ll do our particular … Continue reading How to Stop Procrastinating (Now)

What Happens When you Die?

Death is one of the most illogical things about life. It drives a wedge into our neatly packaged notions of meaning in the world, forcing you to ask an essential question: why would something be born just to die? And when you ask that, you're thrown into realms of speculation. You wonder if there's anything … Continue reading What Happens When you Die?

Awakening is the Goal of Life

Philosophers have been pondering the meaning of life since time immemorial, but the answer may be in the one place we never thought to look. When we ask ourselves about the meaning of life, we make two assumptions. One is that life is somehow separate from us, or that we can exist in any other … Continue reading Awakening is the Goal of Life

The True Value of a Peer Mentor

Ten years ago, I would've laughed in the face of anybody who told me I'd ever want, let alone benefit from, a peer mentor or coach. Over the last ten years, however, I've been fortunate enough to work with some people who really knew their stuff. People who had been in my shoes, done the … Continue reading The True Value of a Peer Mentor