Creative Writing Coaching

“James helped me tighten up my prose and target repetitive phrases for elimination. Now my stories read easier and more smoothly than ever—all the better to suck readers in and keep them turning pages until the end. “

Andy Peloquin, author of the bestselling Hero of Darkness series

Working with a mentor—my own dose of writing coaching—was what took my writing from unpublished to published, virtually overnight. The lessons I’ve learned from my mentors, including the critically acclaimed Andre Dubus III (author of House of Sand and Fog), have allowed me to create more striking, evocative prose, build better novels, and get my books into the hands of readers.

My approach to creative writing coaching is highly specialized and suited to your unique needs and strengths as a writer. I have experience with literary fiction, fantasy, science-fiction, and even nonfiction, but the skills I can offer through writing coaching are applicable to any genre.

If you choose to work with me for creative writing coaching, I can offer:

  • One-on-one chapter critique sessions
  • Printable materials and creative exercises
  • Guidance on querying agents and publishers
  • Assistance with worldbuilding and novel structuring
  • Workshops on whatever topics you choose
  • Resource recommendations
  • Assistance with sharpening your prose and dialogue