Daily Awareness Coaching

“The coaching James has given me has allowed me to progress to new heights in my physical training and creative expression.”

Adam, 26

In my conception of life, there’s absolutely no divide between the creative, spiritual, and mundane aspects of our world. If we begin to feel that any of these are at odds, then we’re prone to experiencing everything from boredom to outright misery. My aim for lifestyle coaching is to assist you in creating the life that you find fulfilling. And when I say fulfilling, I mean truly, deeply fulfilling, substantial enough to stand on its own without any need for creature comforts.

In my own experience, the vast majority of coaching, guru, or self-help programs out there are designed to keep clients on a treadmill of seeking power and material gain. My approach to lifestyle coaching is more nuanced in nature, centered not around acquisition but your inner contentment. This involves a process of purifying daily habits, developing discipline, and identifying—then passionately pursuing—the exact things that actually matter to you.

This coaching program is equal parts mindset and tangible, practical steps. Going after the life you really want, not the life you’ve been told to have, requires fearlessness and vigor. I want to equip you with the tools needed to do what puts a spark in your soul—run a marathon, find your perfect partner, wake up feeling incredible.

This daily awareness coaching program can support you in goals such as:

  • Developing a comprehensive nutritional plan designed for your unique body
  • Gaining confidence in social situations
  • Stepping outside your comfort zone
  • Creating, and sticking to, effective daily habits
  • Optimizing your performance at work or in hobbies
  • Identifying what really matters to you in life
  • Deepening relationships with your friends and family
  • Overcoming anxiety and panic attacks
  • Formulating efficient workout protocols