Mindfulness Coaching

“The meditation techniques I’ve developed alongside James have allowed me a vast peace of mind.”

Samuel, 31

Most of us, somewhere deep down, have a nagging feeling that there’s something missing in life. That there’s something wondrous and incredible just beneath the surface, on the tip of our tongues, but we just can’t identify it. My aim for meditation and mindfulness coaching is not to merely explain the beauty of consciousness to you, but to help you experience it firsthand using authentic, powerful techniques from a range of spiritual traditions.

My coaching doesn’t require belief in anything, nor changing your current beliefs. The techniques, ideas, and exercises we’ll utilize are all intended to help you explore your own mind and find the inner stillness that is constantly present. I also believe in prescribing the proper techniques as needed, so you’ll receive personalized feedback and guidance that goes beyond the blanket instructions found in books or group seminars.

My meditation and mindfulness coaching program will help you:

  • Foster compassion for yourself and others
  • Neutrally observe painful or unpleasant sensations, feelings, and thoughts
  • Engage more fully with the present
  • Find inspiration in your work and overall life
  • Ground yourself in your current belief system
  • Connect your mind and body for optimal health and stress reduction
  • Uncover your true passions
  • Learn time-honored meditation techniques from a range of traditions