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James Wolanyk is an author, editor, international educator, and coach from Boston, Massachusetts. He has professionally published four novels as well as a variety of short stories in literary journals and university quarterlies, and has worked in international schools around the world.

His current work as a coach is focused on helping clients incorporate traditional and contemporary practices for cultivating awareness in their own lives.

“The coaching James Wolanyk has given me has allowed me to progress to new heights in my physical training and creative expression.”

Adam B.

“The insights provided by James during our sessions were instrumental for acquiring my literary agent.”

Peter J.

“James Wolanyk helped me tighten up my prose and target repetitive phrases for elimination. Now my stories read easier and more smoothly than ever—all the better to suck readers in and keep them turning pages until the end. “

Andy Peloquin, author of the bestselling Hero of Darkness series