It is the birthright of every sentient being to be truly, boundlessly fulfilled. The question, of course, is how to reach such a state.

In recent years, there’s been a great deal of excitement about a hypothetical Third Revolution; a movement that will build upon the exponential progress from the previous two revolutions (the Industrial and Digital Revolutions, respectively). Some analysts claim that AI will define this enormous shift in humanity’s universal place, while others claim that this advancement will be due to genetic editing, space travel, or another field of science.

Mindfulness coaching is all about rediscovering the beauty of life.

I have a grander vision. This Third Revolution will not belong to the exterior dimension, but to the interior dimension. More precisely, it will belong to those who redefine their ideas about the importance and irreducible complexity of the mind itself.

To understand why, take a gander at the world around us. Despite all of our leaps in machines, information storage, and daily conveniences (including drone delivery of toilet paper), we are still no closer to our elusive goal of “contentment” than ever before. After we’ve had our fill of gadgets, movies, games, books, drugs, and celebrations, what are we left with?

Perhaps the answer is a hangover, perhaps a bloated credit card bill. The answer certainly isn’t contentment of any permanent variety. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all seeking?

My mission in creative coaching and mindfulness coaching is to radically reshape our modern notions of perception, desire, and self-actualization. To do this, I believe in embracing humanity’s most developed yet neglected gift—the self-illuminating, boundless wisdom of the mind itself.

I’m not here to sell you a billionaire lifestyle or teach you how to get six-pack abs, and I’m certainly not here to sell the fabled panacea of total enlightenment. There are plenty of people who can do that better than me, and I don’t believe in trying to sell snake-oil visions of things that are impermanent and bound to cause you further stress.

What I am here to offer you is a new relationship with experience, and through it, a path to the innermost fulfillment that you’ve always sought yet never been able to identify with words.

This is about more than just meditation. It’s about the way in which we go about our day, and the way in which we pursue meaningful, personal quests that give us our grounding in the world. Over the course of my career as a novelist, I’ve come to believe that every being has a creative spark waiting to be unleashed and honed to the fullest extent. I’ve personally witnessed the wonder of surrendering to the writing process and allowing novels to, seemingly literally, manifest themselves over time.

This leap into daring creativity represents just one pillar of an overall framework for helping you create a mindful, engaged existence.

Creative output is just one pillar of mindfulness coaching.

In the same way that there are various diseases and maladies in the world, each requiring their own prescriptions or treatments, I believe that the reasons we suffer and feel disconnected from life are also highly personal and require specialized approaches. That’s why I work one-on-one with clients, especially in mindfulness coaching programs, to understand their life, their goals, and their true values, and then help them build the bridges to a happier, more fulfilled version of themselves. These bridges are constructed from a blend of authentic spiritual traditions, scientifically backed principles, and targeted, tangible advice that’s tailored to the individual.

Fundamentally, my intention is to utilize your innate wakefulness and wisdom to achieve your goals, whether you want to heighten your creativity, find a reservoir of peace within yourself, or simply bring forth the best aspects of yourself. This is the bedrock of all mindfulness coaching programs.

The Third Revolution should not be one of material progress, but one of human transcendence and unshakable joy for living. The revolution begins now.