What IS the cutthroat cosmos?

Right about now, you might be wondering what the hell Cutthroat Cosmos even means.

Is it an amusement park? A series? A film?

How about all of the above? Well, not just yet. But it will be. You see, I heard on good authority that Cutthroat Cosmos is the #1 franchise in the year 3704. And by good authority, I mean I was hand-delivered this information by an interdimensional entity that visited me in my shower. Might as well get in on the ground floor, right?

In its current state, the Cutthroat Cosmos is a collection of novels, short stories, flash fiction, and other interactive media that seeks to gradually flesh out a world you’ve never before seen. A world in which metaphysics and the eternal quest for enlightenment exist among the stars, simultaneously playing out in backwater colonies and twelve-dimensional pocket universes and everywhere in between. Within that grand struggle are all the usual hijinks of sentient beings—and plenty of unusual hijinks, too.

Do you like omniscient AI constructs with dreams of tasting chocolate ice cream? How about self-aware rabbits taking part in insurgencies with auto-aiming, explosive rifles? Or maybe, just maybe, you like to read about people’s minds being turned into NFTs and bought by scalpers. (Weird choice, but hey, everyone’s got their thing).

The point is, the Cutthroat Cosmos has something for everyone. It ranges in genre from cosmic horror to comedy to adventure to romance to everything in between, gradually carving out a vision of a world that’s informed by equal parts insanity and mindfulness. And amid its grand struggles of power, wealth, and knowledge between empires and ambitious individuals, there is a larger, more pernicious war for the minds of all beings. Consider these tales a training tool for your own consciousness… a sort of crash course to prepare you for the dark and terrible things lurking among the stars.

In short, then, the Cutthroat Cosmos is the running saga of our own reality, projected forward and backward by a few million years on either end. Join in today, wanderer.